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Sr. Software Engineer
Rx Savings Solutions
Overland Park, KS
Posted on:
5 Oct, 2021
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Sr. Software Engineers Job ID #72085 at Rx Savings, LLC d/b/a Rx Savings Solutions in Overland Park, Kansas


Use PHP, Java, and Javascript to design and develop application services and to analyze, design, code, debug, test, and modify new software or enhance existing software. Develop back-end software using an object-oriented language (Java, C# and C++). Write SQL queries and work with relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server). Define Rest APIs and develop Web services, including AWS (Amazon Web Services). Write automated tests and use testing frameworks (JUnit and Selenium). Actively document software projects that are being developed. Fix errors or bugs that occur during the development of the application services. Perform data migration for analysis of system capabilities and requirements. Analyze user needs and software requirements to determine feasibility of design within time and cost constraints. Confer with other software engineers to obtain information on project limitations and capabilities, performance requirements, and deliver high quality software. Create strategic technical designs for small to medium scope projects within team. Debug complicated issues that span multiple modules, involve complex concurrency or low-level problems. Oversee the process with Product and QA to define business requirements. Provide high-level architecture guidance and develop specifications to resolve software problems. Consult with stakeholders on current functionality and complexity of adding features. Estimate the effort for current and future projects of small to medium scope. Propose and lead process improvement projects for development, deployment or application monitoring of teams within scope. Identify knowledge gaps within the teams. Share knowledge within team through mentorship, coaching, technical talks and blogs. Perform other duties as required.  
Master's degree in Computer Science or a related field. Two years of software development experience utilizing server-side scripting languages and working with the following: developing back-end software using an object-oriented language (Java, C# and C++); writing SQL queries and working with relational databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server); defining Rest APIs and developing Web services; Laravel PHP framework; and writing automated tests and using testing frameworks (JUnit and Selenium) (or a Bachelor's degree and five years of experience in the above technologies). Six months of experience working with AWS technologies (Amazon Web Services) and with version control flow systems (GIT).


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Human Resources Director

Job ID #72085

Rx Savings, LLC d/b/a Rx Savings Solutions

5440 W. 110th Street, Suite 200

Overland Park, Kansas 66211