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We help local employers find local people to fill their job openings by providing an inexpensive place for them to post a help wanted ad.

Jobseekers search the web for local job opportunities. And that's an important thing to know, because it could help you save a bundle on your job filling needs. Job boards will spend millions of dollars each year on advertising to attract employers with money to spend. Meanwhile, jobseekers search the web for local jobs and they visit many of the job boards they find - NOT just the ones they hear advertised.

We concentrate our efforts into getting a good search ranking instead of spending money on mass advertising, and that's how we get many local jobseekers to our website and how we're able to keep our job posting fees so low.

With ZipRecruiter, and others, you have to pay more to get your help wanted ad better job ad positioning. If you pay just the minimum amount on those job sites your ad will quickly get shoved back many pages deep by large national companies who can afford to outspend you on job ad placement. This will make your ad difficult for jobseekers to find.

That will not happen here. Everyone pays one price ($75) and the ads are displayed at the top of our Home Page for all to see! We don't have large national accounts, so we're never going to have hundreds or thousands of redundant type job ads for your help wanted ad to get lost in.

We're the easiest job board you'll ever use!

Job Posting Information

Job ads posted on Local Area Jobs will be displayed near the top of our Home Page in our "Featured Jobs" section. When a jobseeker clicks on an ad link the full ad will be displayed on a separate page.

Posting a job ad costs $75 (non-refundable). Only one job ad is allowed in one job post. Job ads that contain more than one job may be edited to show just one job.

We do not offer any guarantee or assurance that your job ad will receive a response. The $75 job posting fee is simply to display your job ad for 30 days. We do not refund job ad payments.

All job ads are subject to verification and may at our discretion be omitted, edited or removed.

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Local Help Wanted

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